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How come when Kris (Wu Yi Fan) left every EXO L started hating him. Isn't he a human being too? He made his decision but yet fans didn't understand. He was so hurt by the fans. I know the fans and members were hurt too, I understand that the members were let down, hurt physiologically, mentally, and emotionally. I know he didn't tell them ahead of time unlike Luhan but he didn't want them to hurt any more than he did. He loved EXO with all of his heart. Why wouldn't he, he was there almost longer than anyone else (except for Suho) and he always took care of EXO and EXO M. I cried so much when he left. He loved EXO Ls so much. He was always smiling. He would smile, take off his sunglasses to take pictures with fans, he would sign autographs even when there was no need to, he would walk slowly to the van so that EXO Ls can get a chance to speak with him. So that EXO Ls can finally get their fair share of stuffing their cameras in his face but yet EXO Ls keep hating him! But aren't we fans suppose to support them no matter what ? I always thought that true fans were going to support them, no matter what the reasoning was. Even if they leave the group, even if they go on a hiatus, even if they make fun of each other. I thought we were going to love them still and not spread hate to them. I actually thought we were going to love them forever. But some fans got me second guessing my thoughts. I hope none of you take offense to this. I am just really saying what's on my mind....
If a "fan" can't support the decision of their bias or an artist they love can they really call themselves a fan?. Ugh I just don't get some people~ *sigh* oh well~~
This is my opinion on the matter. I will say it and shut up. You all have your right to agree or disagree, for that is your own opinion and are entitled to it. Simply put, if you were in a job that you felt was taking advantage of you was/ mentally or physically unhealthy to you or someone you cared about would you stay or expect the person you supposedly care about to stay. If the person you cared about left that job would your feelings toward them change. If so, this is not love it is obsession. Either obsession over the "image" or " obsession over something you personally gain from that persons association with the job they hate. This is to love...therefore those fans that disrespected his personal freedom to choose were not truly there for him in the first place. End of my point of view.
so true
Same. I personally don't feel that there's anything wrong with supporting kris lujan and Tao. They just choose a path that they felt was right for themselves.
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