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Swooning isn't the word. But it sure is close! In the words of Isaac Mizrahi, "I am mad about this look!" You should be too because it is STUNNING from stem to stern. And I can say that because this wedding reception is being held at St. John's College in historic Annapolis--steps from the prestigious US Naval Academy.
The champagne design of this wedding reception was done by Elizabeth Bailey who specializes in Eastern Shore events ranging from political dinners to lavish weddings. What makes this look so effortless and elegant is letting the venue (environment) have a voice. Let the surroundings to the work for you. Don't try to hide or cover up the cultural experience or the history of it with pipe and drape. Doing it this way also saves you a ton of money on production value.
Edit. Edit. Edit. Design it, then edit it down to it's most effortless and elegant look. As you see in the picture, there are no shooting lasers or moniker gobos dancing on the floor. It's regal with chiavari, exquisite linens, simple lines and quality china and cutlery. A bounty of flowers, appropriately designed without a lot of pomp add value and beauty.
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