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So, for multiple shows, I have performed Lindsey Stirling's "Elements" on electric violin. My costume is almost ENTIRELY Forever 21 with the exception of the boots (Bethany Mota) and tights (Target). Just wanted to share. Makeup to come!
I LOVE Lindsey Stirling! What a badass lady!
Cool costume!! Is that a leather skater skirt? LOVE.
OMGGGG I play the electric violin too! What does yours look like? I'm so obsessed with the different shapes it comes in.
To answer the above... yes, it is a leather skater skirt, and my violin is an open body, classically shaped Cecilio. I've been looking for some more triangular ones lately, however. Thanks for your support, gyys!
@mariagregor Oooh those are pretty. I want a more classically shaped one. Mine is a Sojing, which has kind of a strange style to it. I think the classic outlined ones look much fancier.