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This is one of the best cake toppers I have seen in a while! When it comes to the wedding cake topper, there are a BAZILLION options! And a million of them are great ideas! But which one do you go with?
Can I make a suggestion? Pretty please? Just the word "Celebrate" is all you need.
Yellow, cream and gold make this cake topper color scheme come together beautifully, especially because the word is written in gold. The design is so simple. It's just a circle with a spike.
What other ideas are out there that you've seen and just LOVE? Tell me about it. I don't want to be in the dark. Take a look at these cakes for other gold cake ideas.
my wedding cake topper will be of a cheeseburger...oh god pls someone marry me so i can make this happen..
@marshalledgar that sounds like my kind of wedding like whhhhaattt
P.S. @alywoah can I be invited to your wedding? lol
Unnghhh @marshalledgar I want to go to that wedding right now. *drools* But seriously, this is an adorable idea for a wedding cake!! Or – @alywoah inspired me – pretty much any cake! I could see it being excellent for birthday brownies as well :) just a great little something to make food look more festive.
THAT'S A GREAT IDEA! But...wait a sec...a real one or a sculpture of one? I went to a wedding that was catered by a food truck! OMG! And it was all comfort food! Mac n Cheese, tots, wedges, meatloaf, on and on...@alywoah
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