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So i am super excited for this I love this challenge from @jiggzy19 and @MattK95 thankyou so much because I JUST LOVE MUSIC I thought I had it way 2 easy because bollywood is in my roots lol so I decided to do a second one with asian pop NO KOREAN as it was mentioned please excuse me as I am myself introducing myself to jpop mpop and taiwanese vietnamese music I hope you all like my list I am really looking forward to more of these lists please make it everyone I wanna open myself to more music from everywhere around the world.
1 )JJ Lin (Practice love) a beautiful hear touching song dedicated to silk air flight M185 plain crash incident and her friend who died in that plain crash. :'(
May Day (Cheers) A sad yet sweet song when you have lived your 100 years and you are at the edge of dying and your past memories comes back to you.
Step by Step May Day
just love this song on how unique it and how it portrays its message.
Wanting (Yon exist in my song)
A beautiful chinese love song by a beautiful chinese singer
One ok rock (The beginning)
A powerful rock song by japanese rock band One Ok Rock
Sekai No Awari RPG
A beautiful sweet song with such a creative , imaginative , dreamy , fantasy music video that gives a strong message
I just love love love japanese culture and how creative they are really love this one
Sekai no awari (Tokyo Fantasy)
Another one of my favorite tracks from this band.
AAA koito to Amazora all I wanna say I love you A beautiful japanese song about confessing your love to someone before its too late and incase if you are curious about lyrics follow think link for full video with eng subs
this japans band AAA is my favorite japanese band i think you all need to check out every single song of this band every other song is just sooo beautiful in my opinion i love all their voices sooo much I am a fan of this band <3
Exile I wish for uuu
this song is sooo awesome
it just makes me wish i need to go to one of their awesome japanese concert so badly or any concert such a damn awesommmeee song <3 yeahhh
Perfume magic of love such a beautiful lovely creative colorful and magical song <3
Egirls (High School love ) Just another one of my super cute super sweet super colorful and super funnn song just so in love with this one it just makes me love japanese culture every time how colorful creative and beautiful there culture is i love jpop Enjoy every one thats alll I hope you all like my second list for this challenge
Forgive my for any mistakes because I did this really fast because I was in a hurry
all video and pic credit to actual owners
thanku for the tag @MattK495 and jiggzy19
Enjoy and see yaw have a nice weekend <3
love jj Lin his songs are so beautiful
@MattK95 thanks sooo much @MattK95 I try (-‿◦)
@sherrysahar this list is awesome, I love every song ^^ Sekai No Owari's videos are always so creative, and their lyrics are really meaningful, I love them so much :D
@jiggzy19 thank u I am glad u like it (-‿◦)。^‿^。
@sherrysahar I just can't.... I love JJ Lin's song! It's absolutely beautiful! Sekai No Owari are simply freakin awesome! Perfume's Magic of Love is so much fun! All the other songs are awesome!! This list really made me fangirl....a lot~ Thank you so much for doing another playlist!!! I LOVE BOTH!
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