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Hello everyone my name is Stevieq and I am a music lover......

'I am an alien and I have found myself stuck on this strange planet with no way home. Waiting for my end to come, I find pleasure in the little things in life and music. Music is my sanctuary. Art is my peace. Stuck in an ever dying beauty watching the ones I love fade away. I have this one thing to keep my peace.'

About me: I am currently studying the art of physically helping ppl with massage therapy in my home town of New York. I like to read, listen to music, watch Asian dramas, and fan girl over my fav groups. I'm also an art lover like my TOP oppa.
My intro into kpop stemmed from my love and obsession with jpop-jrock (Arashi, 12012, Acid) and anime. (My first anime was Inuyasha.) I honestly didn't watch Japanese dramas until I started watching Korean dramas. But really my intro started when I was watching some commercial or something for a Samsung flip phone back in 2009 (yes I was in high school) on YouTube (maybe, I somehow think it was on TV though). Anywho, the group in the commercial were none other than BigBang and 2NE1. Yes, my first song was........


I absolutely loved the colors and all the brightness the mv had going on for itself. Not to mention the guys (BigBang) were totally my style and the girls (2NE1) were totally cool. Of course, this mv was were I first found my love for.....

TOP !!!!!

Lol how could I not love this guy and his adorkable derpyness/bingu personality. His eccentric ways are totally to die for and his sense of right/wrong and what should and shouldn't be done (on his Instagram account) is awesome!!!!!! Also I love all of BigBang because they are awesome!!!! They all fit in so well with each other (especially after 10yrs).
Of course I held onto my new found love for kpop until I decided to become obsessed with kdramas later in 2012. My first drama is........*drum roll*.......

Coffee Prince!!!!!!

Yes Gong Yoo was the first male lead I fell in love with and hated at the same time. While Lee Sun Gyun was the first second male lead that gave me so many feels especially with this..-->
I totally fell in love with this singing voice. And it didn't help that the more I followed Gong Yoo I also found this... can I not love this guy??^^ lol Anywho, that was how I became deeply rooted in Korean music, drama, and culture ^^ FYI some of the groups and artist I listen to all the time are: BigBang, 2NE1, B1A4, 2PM, 2AM (One Day), Jay Park, Primary, Epik High, Verbal Jint, Beenzino, Crush, Zion t., (VVD crew) etc.... I actually listen to a lot of artists and they are too numerous to name. So this is me and that was my intro. See ya!!!!
@stevieq Lollipop is such a cool song ^^ and I also think you have a fantastic taste of music :)
I think I shd do an extended kpop intro too lol. mb if I feel like it hahas nd hell yeah I absolutely love love this card nd I love gong yoo oppa sooo much he is sooo manly sooo sexxy 💝♥♥♥♥😘😘
Gong Yoo and Korean hip-hop are two wonderfully excellent things to be into. <3
Totally awesome intro!
@PassTheSuga lol I do have unique interests
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