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If you're a true K-Drama addict, you've got to be familiar with every drama's ubiquitous jjimjilbang scene. Jjimjilbangs are bathhouses where Korean men and women enjoy many relaxing hours in saunas and steam rooms, chatting and enjoying some traditional spa fare like shikhye (cold rice punch) and maekbanseok (baked eggs).
But perhaps what most K-Drama fans love about the jjimjilbang scene is the adorable towel hat - known in South Korea as a yangmori. The word 'yangmori' literally translates to 'sheep head' for the way the bunched up ends resemble ram 'horns' on the sides of the wearer's head.
Just look how much fun Kim Hyun-joong and Gu Hye-sun are having hanging out in their yangmori hats. (If it's good enough for Jandi and Jihoo, it's good enough for us, right?)
Follow the steps below to make your very own yangmori towel hat. Learn how to do this, and you'll be the envy of everyone at the pool this summer. Trust me.
(Also, thanks to Feels Like Korea for the step-by-step pictures. They're going to help me with teaching you all how to do this A LOT.)


So first, you're going to need to lay out your bath towel on a flat surface. Making a yangmori usually works best if you've got a towel that is larger than a face towel, but smaller than a body towel. (I've used a body towel for this before, and while it doesn't come out as 'pretty', it's definitely still doable.)
When you lay out your towel, break it up into three vertical and even sections in your head, the same way that it's indicated in the picture above!


Fold the bottom section up, overlapping it over the middle section completely. It's important to make sure that you're doing this evenly to ensure a good end result!


Fold the top section down over the bottom two sections to create a long, flat strip of towel. (We're already halfway there. YOU GOT THIS!!!)


You know how people roll up the bottoms of their jeans? That's essentially what you're going to do now to create your yangmori 'horns'. Roll them up tightly until you've made it about a third of the way through the towel. (You're going to want to keep that middle space clear for your head!)


Curl up the other side of the towel to create the other 'horn' of your yangmori towel, again stopping about one-third into the length of the towel. (You might have to adjust how much of the sides you curl to make it fit on your head more snugly.)


Open your yangmori towel up, and put it on your head! (Then photoshop this picture of Lee Joon into all of your yangmori Snapchat selfies. And make sure to caption it '#RELATIONSHIPGOALS' or '#RUJELLY?' and forward it to all your friends.)
And there you have it - the yangmori hat! Let me know if any of you try this. It'll be nice to know that I'm not the only one walking around the house like this and getting weird looks from my family members.
(@stephanieduong, @MattK95, @jiggzy19, @aabxo, and @poojas, I expect you to all try this ASAP. @PassTheSuga too, but I bet she's already done this like 10,000 times.)
@poojas Lol I did that the first time I made one.. it was doable, just my 'horns' were abnormally large.
I didn't have the right sized towel. But I made a gigantic yangmori for myself. Thank you @danidee!!! :D
OMG. I've always been curious how to do this and I've always wanted to wear one! I'm DEFINIETLY going to try this out later. (≧▽≦) @danidee Thanks for tagging me! :D
Step Six is the most interesting one @danidee!
@aabxo pics or it didn't happen
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