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Let's dance on the Serengeti, and raise a glass to her lonesome independence. And listen while she explains her undisguised beauty to us; speaking her openness on treeless plains. Every night she whispers a bold new story; joys of her industrious day, and the flowers that flourish. And the tall grasses that rest on her range, and the rain shadows that play in her warm winds. When the sun sets and the sand cools, lions disappear into her darkness and it covers them like a thick warm blanket of past dreams. Before the evening pours out its last drop of night into her rivers, the gazelles half awake, run into her morning. Cue to sunlight; and determined players taking the stage for another performance of orchestral maneuvers on her plain. Rhinos at her waters edge resemble the architecture of old gray buildings. An artful zebra shining in the sun claims it's place in history. It just couldn't run fast enough to grow old. A curious field mouse sniffing out today's sustenance helps an accurate hawk forget about yesterday's hunger. Confident buffalo herds advance forward in military fashion, imitating statues that never look back. An antisocial wildebeast gives off a sinister vibe that says I want to eat you. Uncompromising lions spy on their breakfast....poachers smoking cigars in the shade. Hashtag messy circumstance. Another day's restless calendar all penciled in; the graceful and grand ceremony of the Serengeti. Her plight is free, her beauty is sparse, and there are no fences around her heart.
"Lonesome independence" love that mix of words. Fantastic!
@greggr Haha cool brother =D ...too funny, glad I gotcha & was able to elicit a laughable moment....even better than the intended effect I had hoped for =D
I won't lie when I say I laughed at the line "Hashtag messy circumstance." Really, a nice formation of a scene I feel like is frozen while I watch on.