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Times Square is regarded as a timeless landmark in New York. It's the cite for New Year's Eve, Broadway theaters, glittering signs and larger than life billboards. I walked through Times Square today as a New Yorker and wow, did I notice some silly things. Here are 5 things you'll see in today's Times Square.

1. Selfie Sticks

Like literally you can't walk more than 5 feet without catching one of these things in your face. Whatever happened to asking another tourist to just take your picture for you? I was hit with like 4 of these swinging death sticks as people tried to take pictures of themselves in front of a glittery McDonald's. Damn 21st century gadgets.

2. Bizarre Bald Adult Babies

Okay, there are wacky characters, but these guys really took the cake. They were shaking rattles and making crying noises. The weirdest part was that people loved it. I had to physically stop myself from laying down and crying in the middle of Times Square. Like get out of here.

3. Olaf

Frozen is still a huge hit for Disney, Olaf is around to take pictures but not before collecting a tip from little kids' parents. Snowmen don't need money dude.

4. Puzzled Tourists

Yeah yeah, I've only lived here for a few days, but it's obvious who is a tourist and who isn't. Uptown, downtown, midtown people get confused. I mean I was lost forever my first day here. It's just comforting to know that this fair city provides people with an equalizer: nobody knows where the hell they're going.

5. Spectacular Views

All joking aside Times Square and much of New York is brilliant, breathtaking and beautiful. So if you have the opportunity to take a stroll through it, definitely do, but don't stay too long or you just might get surrounded by those foul, creepy baby things. You've been warned.
I'm not joking.
That is horrifying lol
Were they wearing masks?
Right? Sweet dreams
omg NYC
i would have hoped so! @missophiestik@TessStevens
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