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i reaalllyyy like this song.......but its so unpopular i cant even find original version :/ *update* i found the reason why i couldn't find the original one and the reason is this
Love this song so much! Actually his whole mix tape was awesome!! RM is DAE to the BAK! <3 <3 <3
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@jiggzy19 I know right! I also love Do You and 각성 it's so epic
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@AnnaNaumova YES!!! I hope he does more mix tapes in the future!
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I really love this 2 when I first heard this I listened to it non stop for 2 hours I cdnt stop I just love him this is sooo damn good 😊😘
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@sherrysahar I know righhhttt this song is freaking epic it's like so badass <3<3<3
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