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My Kpop Introduction Story

Well....Hello errybody!!! 안녕하세요 (^_^)ノ I'm @PassTheSuga aka Erica and I've been a part of this community for awhile....first as a Lurker. Id just creep around and like things but never post. Now I post a lot....like A LOT. Probably too much e_e so much that y'all are prolly tired of me hahaha. I haven't done an official introduction because....well...I just didn't feel the need to. That and I knew it was gonna be hard to explain my reasons for getting into Kpop.....I could just lie. But I won't. Aaaand I'm getting old so I tend to ramble on and onnnn. And nobody's got time for that Lol. Buttttt I got asked by @SashaLove to do this so I'm gonna do my best.
Anyway I'm 29 years old.....which technically makes me a grandmother in the kpop community. But I'm definitely young at heart....I've told y'all I've got Terminal Peter Pan Syndrome. I'll prolly never grow up. I've got a crazy sense of humor and I'm relatively friendly I guess. Its weird because in the past I was very reserved and so serious. Along with being a TOADal nerd in school, I trained to be an opera singer throughout Jr. high and high school so yeah I was a choir girl and nah it wasn't like Pitch Perfect  ̄ˍ ̄....I took myself and errythang wayyyy too seriously. But real talk, music really was my only outlet of self expression. I was into Metal and all those emo/screamo type bands and alt-rock type music....and I was wayyyy into 60s music....from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Cream, Janis Joplin to Doowop and Motown. I was in it and convinced the best stuff had already been made. Hah how wrong was I?
So now that we've got that outta the way....onto the beginning of my Kpop story. I'll try to condense it as best I can but y'all should know by now that Mama's long winded so grab yourself a drink and get comfy. And why that adorable GIF of Xiumin you ask??? Why not I say <(‾︶‾)> and it fits with my Peter Pan reference Lol. WINNING! *ahem* It all started in 2012 when I heard Fantastic Baby from a friend of one of my sisters. She was trying to win a contest of some sort so she was trying to get people to view a video she had made of her dancing to Fantastic Baby. I liked the song but I thought of it as kind of novelty →_→which is laaaaame, I know, I tend to be kind of a music snob. Buttttttt I downloaded the album anyway (´ヮ`) it was in my music library but the only track I listened to on occasion was Fantastic Baby. Why???
Because I'm an idiot Lol.
So fast forward a few months....and Imma just be real with y'all.....I lost my brother in a car accident. It was sudden and it.....messed me up. I'm the eldest sibling in my family and I'm like the tough love Mama. And my brother was like the fun loving Dad. Lol polar opposites yet in TOADal harmony. He was a year younger than me so we were basically a set. I was so serious and spent a lot of time rolling my eyes at him. Yeah, I was the stick in the mud who always had to be tough and mean and keep everyone in line. And he was the lovable party animal...always joking and getting into trouble but he had a big heart and would do anything for a laugh. He was the light to my dark and we evened each other out. Erryone loved him so much. He was errybody's favorite....even though I got mad at him a lot and never let him be the big brother and hug me and look after me when I was sad or hurt....he was my favorite too because he never gave up on trying to be close to me. Right after we lost him....I helped my family thru it....and it was tough. But I couldn't handle my own feelings and I fell apart. My bf helped me thru it....but a month after my brother passed....my bf committed suicide. He had struggled with depression and had his own problems. I was the last person he talked to....so there's a certain amount of guilt carried with that. But anywho I was in short.....quite depressed, pretty much broken, and in a very very bad place. I couldn't listen to music....it all somehow reminded me of all the terrible things I'd been thru and well...I'd end up having a panic attack. I know it sounds weird but my shrink said since music was an outlet for me before, it was a major trigger for me. So I quit music altogether. Didn't listen to it. Didn't sing it. No music at all.
One day about 6 months later my bestie reaches out to me on Skype. I was....not dead obviously but not alive just kinda here existing. So he says we're gonna watch something together. He sends me a link and up pops Tiny G's MINIMANIMO and he starts singing to it and dancing like an idiot. I was like WTF is this....e_e but I had to admit it was cute AF. Then his performance continues with Miss A's I Don't Need A Man....halfway thru that song I ended the conversation because I'm a wet blanket like that but I left the playlist open on YouTube. There were close to 50 songs on it. So after debating with my trusty friend Sizzles (he's a stuffed pig but he's highly intelligent), I forced myself to try to listen....I gave each song 15 to 20 seconds and treated it like a critique....it was surprisingly easy because I got to be Simon Cowell for an hour or so. Which was awesome....I talked to myself in a horrible snooty English accent and jotted down notes to explain to my bestie my exact thoughts about each track and I was brutal. I'm such a jerk Lol but I had fun doing it.
But anyway.... The music was easy to listen to because I had no idea what they were singing. Korean is actually a pretty language. And most of the vocals were crisp and the beats were clean and well produced. About 90% of the songs were upbeat so that made it even easier. I found out what I wasn't too fond of in kpop thru this playlist and I also discovered what I did like.
Rain. I love me some Rain. Epik High's Don't Hate Me was literally epic. And Tablo blew my mind. I watched Taeyang's Where U At? and Wedding Dress and Taeyang.....was special and left an impression on me. Then from there I watched BIGBANG's Bad Boy and Blue....and I was like Holy Shitakes I think I know these guys O_o Yeah I had their album in my music library for about a year....*insert facepalm* But it came full circle because BIGBANG is my number one for all time now, forever and ever AMEN♡ Friggin game, set, match. I was done for. I started going on daily YouTube excursions and used the Kpop billboard charts as a guide. At some point I quit treating is as a critique and just enjoyed. The rest is history.
I try my best to be a well-rounded Kpopper since I'm part of the older generation of Kpop fans. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I had a certain taste. I gravitate more towards the hip-hop side of Kpop but I also dig great vocals. I'm YG biased for sure. Tablo has a special place in my heart. I've got mad love for that man. As for Kpop groups I'm not big into girl groups....but I do like F(x), 2NE1, Girls Day, and Wa$$up. We all know BIGBANG is number 1 for me.....but I also dig BTS, EXO, Shinhwa, Nu'est, Block B, SuJu, 24K, B.A.P, VIXX, Infinite, (theres more but ill spare you) I actually just got into SHINee with the release of the Odd album....I'm late to the party I know...lol and I love my rookies: HOTSHOT, Winner, Madtown, Monsta X, Uniq, TROY, Lucky J. I love AOMG....Jayyyyyy Park<3 lol Gray is bae. I adore Loco. Im pretty positive anything put out by AOMG I'm gonna dig. Illionaire♡ seriously Dok2, The Quiett, Beenzino....duhhh. I have a thing for Crush and Zion T is cooler than I can ever hope to be. I just dig his tone and his style. Swingsssss ( ^(oo)^ ) I friggin LOVE Swings. Giriboy, Mad Clown, San E, Wutan, Dynamic Duo, Phantom. Ill shut up now...Lol or I'll go on all day.
So Kpop helped me in more ways than one. It was kind of that extra push I needed to move past the bad. It made me passionate about music again....which I think really helped me heal a lil and expel some of the guilt I was feeling because kpop nudged me outta bed in the AM even when it physically hurt to move. It calmed me when I was sure I was losing it. Was always right there when I was having a bad day and needed to get away. It gave me more reasons to smile again for sure. And it led me here to this community of Kpoppers who I've grown quite fond of.
I'm not the same person I was and I think that's for the best. I took the best parts of my brother and kept them alive by doing as he would. Making people laugh was his greatest joy so I do my best to make y'all laugh. He was fun and pretty much shameless and honestly I didnt hafta try to do this one....we're more alike than I cared to admit before. He had a big heart and went out of his way to tell his family and friends he loved them and cared about them. And I'm still weird about this one....but I do try.
I love being a part of this Vingle Kpop Family we have here and making y'all laugh <(‾︶‾)> I think I've made a few friends here along the way that have left big impressions on me. So shout outs to them because this card isn't long enough.... @jiggzy19 is the sweetest gal you'll ever meet. And if you havent met her yet....you will lol. She's very friendly and doesn't bite at all....that I've experienced anyway. Lol but seriously, I think of her as my lil sister and love her as such♡ @MattK95 is my mayyyyne FanMan buddy and is honestly so cool. He's always right there picking up on my slightly offbeat humor and makes me feel like less of a weirdo. I'm pretty sure he was the first person to talk to me here on Vingle. And he made me feel so welcome so spank you for that, Matty♡ @danidee is the coolest kid I've ever met. I think we're made from the same batch of swag. And she never fails to make me laugh. She's pretty much my playlist soulmate and no joke, one night I was scrolling thru Vingle feeling super lonely after having a particularly terrible day and I mumbled something like "I wish God would send me a friend. I need one..." of course it was half sarcasm but thats beside the point....but Dani left a comment on one of my posts that made me LMAO so we had a short witty rapport because we're witty and rapport sounds cooler than conversation and Dani's cool. It was kinda odd but special how that worked out. @aabxo and I share the same undying love for T.O.P and BIGBANG and at first she was competition (´ヮ`) lol but now she's my grrrrrr. We can fangirl and swoon like idiots together♡ And carry on shameless conversations in the comment section ȏ.̮ȏ and that in itself is special. @kpopandkimchi is just the glue that holds this crazy Kpop community together. I probably wouldnt have stayed in this community if it wasn't for her. She's pretty much sunshine kimbap and so accepting and encouraging. And she thinks I'm hilarious so of course Eyeluverrrrrrr♡ And these awesome peeps who are my Kpop R.O.D Homies: @StephanieDuong @poojas @stevieq @sherrysahar @shashae5296 @honeysoo @CallMeKaren Y'all have a special lil place in my heart♡ There's a few new buddies I've made in the last couple days and they're friggin awesome and I'd also like TAG THEM TO DO THIS *insert evil laugh* but seriously only if you want to. No pressure ladies. And you don't hafta split yourself open and spill your guts like I did.... (๑❛ ‿ꆚ❛๑) @KaceyDodge @TashaBitner @crazylilmeow @AnnaNaumova @DianaCastaneda
So I'm gonna end it here. I may have given TMI....but it is what it is. I just wanted to be honest about how much this genre of music has helped me and changed me. It helped me focus on the positive almost like therapy. I try my best to share my enthusiasm for Kpop with y'all by posting a lot because there may be someone out there who's having a tough time and needs a pick-me-up and even if it's just a meme that makes you smile and shake your head or a song on a playlist that you can't get outta your head or fangirling with y'all in the comment section....It makes me feel good because I feel like I'm paying it forward.
But anywho children.... thank you for reading this obnoxiously long card and if you didnt finish it....I dont blame ya lol. I'm out!! Y(^_^)Y xx
I have a few things I want to say :) I'm so glad you are a member of this K-Pop family, thank you for being strong enough and brave enough to share this with us, you are such an inspiration and honestly you had me crying buckets. I've never really had many friends, guess I'm just a bit to weird XD but I honestly consider you, and my Vingle family some of the best friends I've ever had. I so want to give you a big hug right now <3
omg this was the most beautiful inspiring music based story I have heard in ages!! but to be serious I'm really glad that everything have worked out for you, and I'm also a very big believer in music, music is life, music can represent your mood, your soul it can fill in those big black holes inside our hearts, it can patch up those deep nasty scars in our minds it can do magic. Your post was really amazing, thank you so much for sharing your story with us (^-^)
I went through a similar situation as you. When i was 9, my brother commited suicide. It totally messed me up and i didn't know what to do i felt lost. But, what made it worse is one of my grandma's had an aneurism that same night. (Don't worry she's okay). My whole family was in tears the whole day. He was only 19 when he died. After that, any time i listened to music i got sad. No matter what type of music it was. I wanted to cry so i gave up on music completely. But, one day i heard my sister listening to a japanese song so i asked her what band and she told me it was a band called ONEOK ROCK. Then, she showed me a music video of theirs and i fell instantly in love. From then on i listened to ONE OK ROCK all the time and only them. But then along the way i found out about kpop and just like you i had a kpop album in my phone for a long time and then when i really stared listening i found out who they were. It was SuJu!!!! Now i have a less depressing life and i like to make people laugh too but, usually i am quiet so mainly with my friends.
@SashaLove Spank you again <(‾︶‾)> we are definitely a family here and I'm glad you became a part of it @TashaBitner d'aaawwee spank you so much! ♡ I'm glad to have adopted you into my Kpop fam bam....yes I just adopted you....I know it's sudden but I think it was necessary lol. @KaceyDodge *HUGGLES* I'm so glad you came into my life. I think we're gonna be great friends. And yes we TOADilly are gonna put on our duckfaces and selca it up at BIGBANG  ̄ 3 ̄ @Ambie Spank youuuu!! That means so much to me ♡ @aabxo Ohhhh Angie you know that you and I are hopeless and we'll probably carry on many more shameless inappropriate convos in the future Lol. And you already do pick me up when I'm down....you just don't know it my dear♡
ERICA!!! THIS was BEAUTIFUL. I'm literally CRYING. You are such a strong woman and I most DEFINIETLY appreciate how you shared your story to us little ones. You've definietly inspired me to not give up and that there will be a brighter side to when things get dark. I'm SO SO glad that you found kpop to that you got back on your feet after those horrible incidents that no person should go through.. But I know you were a fighter, so "You Go ERICA!" I'm so glad a met such a strong, loving, and fun k-pop fan like you!! ( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡
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