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Hello 안녕하세요 Здравствуйте My name is Anna and i come from far frozen land a.k.a Russia but right now i'm currently stuck in a very hot place a.k.a L.A. @PassTheSuga have shared her very beautiful story about how she got into kpop and it seemed like an interesting thing to do and plus it's 2:00 a.m. and i'm very bored soooo there you go....
Once upon a time when i was a little freshman in high school (I was like 15) I got my first boyfriend who was Korean we didn't really have much in common coming from two completly different cultures I decided to be a good gf and search up what kind of habitat is he coming from and that was the time when I first saw these fabulous people....
yes Ladies and Gentlemen my first kpop song was Fantastic Baby by Big Bang ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ and it was very weird watching guys with very weird outfits and overly fabulous hair dancing and singing BOOM SHAKA LACKA BOOM SHAKA LACKA WOW FANTASTIC BABY and what was even more weird that i actually liked it cuz music i was listening to before that was like Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Breaking Benjamin ( very sad rock music basically) and then also bunch of Japenese metal rock bands but anyways yes i liked Big Bang and then i had Fantastic Baby on repeat for 24 hours straight it was nonstop so thats when i decided to expand my kpop knowledge and I found these guys... very adorable B1A4 , the very handsome Shinee❤, the very sexy Super Junior and super badass B.A.P
I also liked bands like CN Blue and Ft Island but at that time I didn't have a lot of close friends who liked kpop so my love for kpop died pretty quick and plus then my friend introduced me to Punk Goes Pop (metal covers on popular pop songs) so it went to a totally different direction ⬆⬇⬅➡ and then my bf at that time tried to bring me back to kpop by showing me this mv (Wolf by EXO)
and when i saw it i was very weirded out like what are these guys doing? these guys are creepy and weird no. (don't hate on me i know i was wrong now i'm ashamed of 15 year old self) but yeah so i left this beautiful world of kpop
BUT and it's a BIG but ;) i have met this awesome friend who pulled me back into this FABULOUS world and now 3 long years later I'M BACK!!!!! And i am SO glad to be back there have been so much positive change but also a little bit of a sad but its alright~~~ so the guys who brought me back to kpop were again the same band that who started all of this *wait for it* BIG BANGGGGGGG with their awesome songs Loser and Bae Bae but what really got me hooked up was none other group whom i actually was stupid enough to call creepy and weird. yes who got me addicted was E X O with their Call Me Baby
And now btw i listen to them nonstop and wolf the song that i once found weird now everytime i hear it i start dancing and singing like crazy so as you can see a lot have changed..... But i was really surprised with how much great stuff i have missed Ft Island made a come back with an A W E S O M E new album then Big Bang then Shinee BUT I was so dissapointed to find B.A.P awol so now i'm once again waiting for their come back..... But now i have not limited my kpop list to only certain groups i'm expanding it every day it grows bigger and bigger
But currently my favs would be gorgeous BTS its just impossible not love them ❤❤❤ and currently i'm expaning my list with SEVENTEEN, N.Flying, VIXX, 24k, Madtown, Got7 and others but that's not the whole list of stuff i listen to and this is just got way too long so imma just finish this up So i just really want to say that it has been a very short time that i'm back into kpop and hopefully i will stay for good this time and plus now i'm part of this amazing community and I really want to thank @PassTheSuga, @kpopandkimchi, @jiggzy19, @poojas, @danidee, @StephanieDuong, @B1A4BTS5ever and other for welcoming me into this GREAT AMAZING community you guys are like the super bosses of Vingle and we all newbies look up to you guys very much I'm sorry if my story has been quite boring and pretty plain but that was my intro to Kpop but it was just an intro there will be more in bright future so this is the end of this post thank you ✌peace ✌ i'm out
@B1A4BTS5ever you neeeeeed to do one too! Why?? Because I'm nosy ^(oo)^ Ana you are an awesome girl with an awesome sense of humor and you're even more awesome on top of that double awesome because you stan Lay the Bae♡ and you like 24k AND Madtown??? get outta my're too awesome.
Hi Anna! Your story was great!! And I also love meeting new people on here! A lot of us don't have friends who listen to kpop, so the Vingle community welcomes anyone who has a love for kpop like us! And it really is an AMAZING community! (*゚▽゚*)
YOU GO @AnnaNaumova !!! hahah ^u^ and no problem if you need anything we are here for you cause in vingle we are all a family oh and same thing kinda happen to me when i got in to kpop lol..............should i do and intro as well?? i haven't done one but i been debating
awwww THANK YOU so much you guys ~~~~ @B1A4BTS5ever yes you should do one I think everyone should do one cuz it's really interesting to read other people's stories and @PassTheSuga haha thank you so much once again and yaaaa!!! I went to Korean bbq w days ago and they were playing them on TV so I fell in love :3 but once again THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU ONCE AGAIN @jiggzy19 @xoxoaudra98 @StephanieDuong thank you thank you thank you you guys are super amazing people \(^-^)/
@B1A4BTS5ever YES!!! You should ! I'd love to read it!
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