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"Maritime Police Marco" is a comic animated film about a maritime policeman tasked to save an island. Lee Kwangsoo will be playing the role of Marco, while Song Jihyo lends her voice to Marco's childhood sweetheart and love interest Lulu. This is the first time that both Kwangsoo and Jihyo will be dubbing an animated film. "Maritime Police Marco" will be released on February 14th, 2013.
aww cute!1
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haha can't wait to see how their voices will sound like in the animes!
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They're SOOO CUTE! I can't help it. I spazz out about anything Ji Hyo and I adore Kwang Soo. I bet they had so much fun together.
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haha ya but i could foresee jihyo making fun of kwang personality is just too adorable!
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@toonie You're right. She definitely would. I love watching moments with just them. They're so kind to one another, though. <3
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