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In prep for straightening my hair i did a deep condition these are the ingredients: 2 teaspoons of coconut oil 2 teaspoons of olive oil 2 teaspoons of jojaba I then mixed this with my conditioner. Then i separated my hair in sections and smoothed it on there and used a comb to evenly distribute it. Now this particular time i had to actually go out later that day so i refrained from using certain products. But usually i like to use some of these products in addition to my oils but not all of them : Avacado, 1 egg, honey, and olive oil mayonaise. I usually use a max of 4. AFTER: I proceed to rinse out with warm. water. I know its backwards but i then shampoo. By doing it this way I get great results for MY hair. RESULTS : My hair was super soft. I have naturally dry hair so i have to do this. SN: When i shampoo after i deep condition it allows me to get abt 90% of the oils out of hair. But it still leaves my hair moisturized but not weighed down in order for me to heat style or do a twist out or any other protective style. I DO NOT ADD HEAVY OILS BEFORE FLAT IRONING. These were my results i need a trim but other then that it feels great very light. What do u think? What other diy conditioning recipes have u tried?
yes mikayla it makes my hair feel really soft as well
Aww, thanks for taking the time to show us this! I actually tried applying olive oil on my hair before shampooing and it helps condition my end really well.