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I have two tattoos that were done exactly one year apart. July 3rd 2014 I got 예지앞사 in Changsub's (BTOB) handwriting on my left wrist. (예지앞사 stands for 예전에도 지금도 앞으로도 사랑해 which roughly translates to 'in the past, present, and future I i love you'). July 3rd 2015 I got 멜로디 (melody) in Minhyuks (BTOB) handwriting on my right wrist. (BTOB's fans are called Melody/Melodies.) I love both of my tattoos so much and they hold a lot of meaning to me. BTOB has helped me through so much since I was introduced to their music.
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omfg these are beautiful i qas just tellin my sister i was thinking on doing this...like having Hanguel on my inner wrist...super cute though :)
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THAT. IS. AWESOME. I kinda want one now... (*゚▽゚*)
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this is pretty cool. you should do a kpop introduction and add this to it (if you haven't already )lol ^.^
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Whaaaaaaaat. I hope you get to show these to them one day!!!
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