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Hello my fello kpopers! a lot of you dont know me because i am very new to vingle but I hope that we get the chance to get to know eachother!! A few of you I've met already, one who has tagged me to make this card, and are wonderful people! i love this app because, instead of feeling like an alien in a country small town, i feel understood and loved by people I dont even know. Thank you guys!!!
Okay, so my kpop addiction started 4 years ago with Ryan Higa. If you guys dont know him, he does youtube videos as NigaHiga! Anyway, i got so addicted to his videos and spent all my time watching all of them. when I finally got caught up I subscribed to his friend, Kevin Jumb (Kevjumba) and ran into his fan made mv of him dancing to SuperJuniors song Mr. Simple! That was the first KPOP song that I've heard and although I couldnt understand what they were saying, I wanted to hear more! I dont know about anyone else, but I had absolutely no idea what Kpop was, so going on youtube I was confused because searching Kpop made all of these weird MVs come up. the thought I had was "Is Kpop a group singers??" "How many people are in kpop???".
when I finally found out that Kpop was just Korean pop music I looked for all the possible groups I could find! Ive listened to Beast, Super Junior, Shinee, Infinite, etc. but the group that stood out to me the most was Bigbang!! It was love at first song!! "wow! fantastic baby!!" <3 so from that momemt on I became a VIP and downloaded all of Bigbangs songs onto my ipod! After a while of listening to kpop I desided I wanted to learn more about the members and what they were like. I started doing research on each of the members and found the story on Daesungs accident. Though it was heart breaking, it was really inspiring. you guys might think Im totally crazy but when he talked about going to the church and getting closer to God, I couldnt help but fall in love with him. From that moment on he was my ultimate Bias <3
Kpop was always for entertainmemt but when my mom divorced amd got remarried my life went downhill. my step father and I never see eye to eye. we're always in disagreements. not to mention hes and alcoholic gambler. Since they got married my family has split apart. grandparents are never invited over anymore and never really seen though they live right down the road. secrets are kept between me and the two families, so much that I might explode! Its gotten so bad that when I head home the first thing I do is sit in my secluded room, the sound of my stepfathers voice makes me cringe. anyway, even in my worst days and situations listeng to Kpop makes me feel alive again, gets ride of my stress. Its what keeps me sane. <3
so thats my story! if anyone wants to get to know me more and maybe become friends ^^ message me! :D i will welcome amyone of you with open arms! love you all! <3
@StephanieDuOng @MattK95 @AnnaNaumova @PassTheSuga Thank you guys!!! I can't wait to get to know you guys more!! I love you already!! <3 <3
@TashaBitner *hugs* I feel closer to you already ヽ(´▽`)/ and thank you for sharing your story with all of us! Kpop definitely does make life brighter and can help thru the worst of times. Welcome to the Vingle Kpop Family♡
hiiiiiii I'm kinda a newbie here too kinda >.> BUT WELCOMEEEE you will fall in love with this community as the time will pass by trust meee but once again weeeellcomme :3
Hey it's nice to meet you! Welcome to the community... Well actually we aren't really a community, we are a family, or at least that's how I picture this group, so welcome to our family ^^
It's nice to meet you! Your story was very touching! I'm so happy that you could join our kpop Vingle community! It's pretty darn awesome, if I say so myself. (o´▽`o)