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Hello im @B1A4BTS5ever.........My real name is Stephanie but all my friends and family call me fishy hahaha long story short i was trying to diss my sister and it backfired....I'm Mexican and i am 15 im considered the Maknae with my friends and some say im the 4D of our group i dont know why though *looks of into the distance* ....Fun fact abut my friends @StarBabes is my friend in real life hahaha she's my husband jkjkk but she is one of my best friends in the world, she was the one who brought me into vingle and in this world...she would always send me stuff from here and i asked about it and yeah now im here wooooooooooofjuksabkufbskauf \O/ hahahaha .....anyways back to the topic this happened around the begging of this year but the end of 2014......HOWEVER I was very familiar with kpop back in middle school
Around middle school one of my close friends ( that i don't talk to as much anymore :( but she gonna pop out in this story most of the time so lets call her K heheh :D ) would always talk about kpop and kdramas she be like like guys Big Bang or Shinee or TeenTop making a comeback, no one in my group would like make her talk about it or really be interested, i felt kinda bad so i began talking to her and she started explaining little by little it didn't really interest me at the time cause during middle school i was like wooo scary storys video games yeah Big Time Rush R5 (my american groups haha) and she showed me these video but it really didn't catch my attention i mean it was alright (what was i thinking back then).....
After that my other friends started getting into anime and mangas and stuff so i was like ehhh and since K kinda stop talking about kpop and kdramas since she really like anime and stuff, but she would still bring it up at times, but only with me which was cool although i would always say "ay K and your Chinos" ( Chinos is Chinese......... Chinese really -_- but then again if you have Spanish culture in your blood its understandable) so that was the end of kpop in middle school.....
Then i entered high school dun dun DUUUNNN * dramatic music * I met @StarBabes hahaha at that time i was still hanging out with my middle school group so i didn't really talk to her, but she brought me back to the kpop world but i wasn't really into it since....well yeah i was still getting in to anime and stuff.....but something change with that group and they would always be quiet K would start going to clubs so couldn't talk to her as much so i became closer to two other friends in the group (one of them is still with me to today in a group that consists of me @StarBabes and another friend).... anyways at that time i started getting into a big fuss with that group i ended up crying and @StarBabes and some other friends help me out through it....i stopped hanging out with that group and started hangout with @StarBabes and two other close friends......so i was a bit devastated but you know what they say things happen for a reason ........ (not relevant but @StarBabes your jimin y yo jhope en el gif hehehe).......
.....days passed and freshman year ended it was summer and one day @Starbabes send me a music video and she said hey listen to this song it just came out today and tell me what you think the song was "B1A4 - Soloday" so....yeah i watch it the first thing i said was "oh her chinos well i guess since i have nothing to do" as i watched it (mostly skim through it) i thought "what are they saying ay @StarBabes is gonna be another K" i finished hearing the song i thought it was good but ehhh still didn't catch my attention and i thought the where all ugly (again WHAT how could i say this about my babies if there so ugh hfbsaunuisbf freaking B1A4) typical thing a non-kpoper would think....school started and @StarBabes gave me a whole list of kpop bands to listen to...i told her i would but never did cause i would always forget it to take it out of my backpack....
......until i was really bored one Saturday that i was like i am gonna checkout @StarBabes kpop so i did and i ran into this group called EXO-K (don't remember what song i heard) i was like 'ohh that's a good song' then i came to a song 'O.K. by B1A4' my thought where "Heyyyy these guys are cute" i searched B1A4 and heard most of there song and i was like hey they are really good i heard most of their music until i came back to "SOLODAY" i was like "nooo these cant be the same guys @StarBabes should me right? these guys are cute" (note it was the same video)..... so i texted her and i was like hey man what was the group you send me along time ago and she texted back oh B1A4.......that was when my life was over......i got back to school and explained to @StarBabes and she started laughing but i told her to teach me her ways hahahaha......
While i stayed obsessing with B1A4 she told me i need more bands so she came over and began showing me a lot more.........(yup my life was over at this point) then she showed me BTS and i was like :O ........whoa................(im not kidding that was literally my reaction) while i was starstuck by them @StarBabes was making fun of me and she still does at times and till this day we still get together at my house for a random kpop marathon we are now getting our other two friends involved also they are slowly getting there haha ^u^ but yeah that's my story.....i guess nothing fancy or anything :P hahaha
....now when i hear kpop im like wooooooo *starts dancing and screams* TURN UP!!! i literately sing to random people and dance in public to it im not even kidding @StarBabes sometimes joins in, but if its just with our friends or at my house she goes along with me hahahaha........ i would like to that thank @jiggzy19 and @PassTheSuga for helping me decided if i should do this or not hahaha love you guys.....well i guess that its and i also love all of you @mattk95 @hormonico @kpopandkimchi @Lydiapark14 @poojas @Stephanieduong @xoxoaudra98 @passthesuga @danidee @shashae5296 @AnnaNaumova @kkkc and everyone else (sorry if i didn't mention you still love you tho) BYEEEE LA YOU!!!!!!<3 P.S. if i missed spelled something wrong or something im sorry i tried :/ .......hopefully its good :D HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY
@kkkc @xoxoaudra98 @Stephanieduong @mattk95 @AnnaNaumova @PassTheSuga @jiggzy19 thank you for welcome me haha.......... @PassTheSuga and @jiggzy19 hahaha yup its all thanks to @StarBabes im one of you ^u^ im really glad i am hahaha and @TashaBitner hahah yeah if i didnt i would have never gotten into it and welcome to vingle hehehe ^u^........thanks for liking my story haha love you guys a few seconds ago
you have kpop lovers around you!!! lucky!!!! xD I'm tasha BTW! 안녕하새요!!!
your story was so cute ^-^ we all love you toooo ❤❤❤❤
Yayyyyyy!!! You deeeeeed eeetttt ヽ(´▽`)/ ♡ I'm glad @StarBabes converted you.....Now you're one of us ʘ‿ʘ lol
AWESOME STORY (^_^) welcome to the kpop community chingu~
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