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i love this... kookie thinks Jimin is taking a pic of him while actually he is taking a selfie lmao speaking of which BTW so i was scrolling through my insta and i came across this thing that REALLY bothered me i know this already have been brought before by someone in this community but i found from one of the insta accounts that some A.R.M.Y's are LEAVING cuz Jimin's abs are not that clearly seen anymore and this makes me so so so mad! do you really like BTS just cuz of Jimin's abs??? Those people are not real a.r.m.y but this thing wouldn't even make me mad if those people were just talking trash but what makes me mad that Jimin listens to those fans!! He is really delicate about this topic... He thinks he is fat .... (thats what i heard) I think we should start some kind of movement or Jimin awarness so he can hear more positive then negative *^* if something like this exists please let me know!!!
Jimin is perfect, abs or not its not important, people are so rude and careless but I can't believe ARMYs are judging him 😑 and that makes me mad, I don't really care about his physical appearance, he's very talented and has a very beautiful personality, if ARMYs can't see that then they obviously don't care about anything else...I love jimin just the way he is, he's perfect in so many ways and so are the rest of the BTS members, I just wish that jimin isn't so insecure with his body, but no matter what I'll support them all the way ❀ but jimin doesn't need to change anything about his self because he's absolutely perfect ❀❀ #ARMYLOVE #JIMINYOURPERFECT
Aww Jimin fighting! This nuna things you're perfect!
I can't believe people would just be apart of A.R.M.Y. Just because of Jimin's abs... Just because they're not as clearly seen doesn't mean that he changed or anything. He's still the same Chimchim so it doesn't matter... Wow... I hate those people... He can still sing and dance and be the same awesome person he has always been 😑😑 He's already insecure about his body.. It's just making it worse.. #lovejimin #realarmy
Bahhhhh Jiminie is perfect just as he is and if they wanna leave.....BYE FELICIA Ζͺ(˘⌣˘)Κƒ Don't let the door smack you on the way out.
abs are not forever they need to eat 2 they work sooo hard for us but ppl need to accept reality smtms nd support them they r just human 2 nd jimin ABS or not I love you β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™‘β™‘β™‘
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