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I am not a cat person. The way they look at you with indifference. The way they get scared at every small moving thing. They aren't exactly my opinion of the loyal "I got your back" animal. This cat, though, is looking to prove me wrong.
What do you do when a bear comes near your door? You run. Your dog runs. Everyone runs! Doesn't matter if you are tough or not. You run! Not this cat. This cat took another approach...
Well, then. I guess I might need to reconsider my biases.
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And that is why I love cats. (I also love all animals)
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cats are amazing
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I saw this on the news and thought wow! I love my dog and cats! Makes me wonder if that bear knew from the big cats he has encountered if it was best to run!
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I love cats and most other animals, but sadly the only pet my family has are fish. Not that I mind, but I love cute, fluffy pet-able animals more. 'Cause, ya know... You can pet them.
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