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I watch you dance in the dark of my mind, your shape haunts me and your voice rings and roars in my head, I hear "I love you" but I see the danger, I know your capable of burnning my gental fragil wings that hold me up. but I know without you I am nothing. Oh! how you hypnotize, and dance in my head the heat you produce intoxicates me. How I long for your touch to caress and lick my skin. Im am but a moth to your flame, I see the dangers but you shine so bright.
@onesmile this is extremely true especially if its something we want, fear is the only real obstacle, fear of pain, fear of rejection, and fear of the unknown
@lilstephsmail25 That's true!! ANd if we don't try when we're feeling that pull of danger or attraction or whatever, then we'll always feel like we lost bigger than if we tried and failed!
I believe its not just attraction but believing that the greater the risk the greater the glory when one conquers the obstacles. just like a fighter, theirs a 50/50 chance of winning and when they do their is a feeling of accomplishment and pride, but if they lose, theirs that feeling of 'at least I tried as hard as I could' I believe this analogy can apply to a lot of aspects in life but in this case love is always 50/50 its also the unknowing that can compel some one to know what could be possible.
It's soooooo easy to be attracted to that which we KNOW might hurt us....why do we do this?! I mean, love is always a risk but sometimes we push ourselves towards more risk than we need to, I think...