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I inhail... I exhale... tasting the bitter sweet taste on my tounge, filling my lungs with the full body of passion, the smell is a comfort like no other, I know your not good for me, you slowly kill me as I desire more of you. slowley dying from the cancer that is love its a constant battle, who will get kicked first? me or you. the nicotine fills my every fiber soothing the nerves, but when you are not close nothing can calm my nerves. A warm embrace, a kiss of the lips, I hear your sizzling words in my ear as you burn and fade, you leave me wanting more. More of your touch, and more of the pleasure you bring. What is a girl to do with herself when the ashes fall in a slow explosion watching all the tinny pieces of what used to be blow away in the wind. why do you fade so fast when all I want is you.