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So I've been asking around how old people think my favorite Exo members are and the answers I get r way off from their actual age. I was seriously wondering what these guys will actually think. Especially when Chanyeol was said to be about 16 years old in this picture, and he talks about maturing himself all the time.
And this is probably one of the few pictures that Xiumin looks oldest in but I was still told that he was 19 at max.
Yep, he's probably not gonna be happy.
And I'm speechless, 'cause with him it's probably the truth
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Lol @luotl88 I'm the same age as Chanyeol and I'm still mistaken for being 16 #sameagefriendproblems lol
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@stevieq I'm almost turning 18 but ever since like 6th grad E people assumed I was like in my late teens or twenties. That really annoyed me. I think I would personally prefer to be cake young over old.
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