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Hello all! Here is one of my favs for ALL seasons and parties cause you can customize it! It's been my families traditional side dishes for years ... First you mix 8 oz cool whip with the 16oz small curd cottage cheese, then you add jello... just pour the powder straight into the mix you just created and mix well! This is what allows me to change it up, I used berry blue to make the blue and cherry for the red...(for xmas I use lime and strawberry flavors) place in fridge for 15 min to cool.... since there is no white jello flavoring i just used plain cool whip....
I ALWAYS add fruit to this dish as well because of the variety available, from pineapple, pears, madarin oranges to banana slices....
Then I mixed up my red colored top while the dish is chilling in the fridge again.... once chilled carefully spread red layer on top.....
And Voila...masterpiece done! Its something everyone of all ages can enjoy!!~
Pretty!!! I'll have to do this for another holiday since I already missed July4 lolol
Adorable!! I can't believe how easy this looks! Have you ever tried making it with kids? I feel like it's a perfect recipe for little ones to collaborate on