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Kim Sung Yeol: I have an addiction …
Yang Sun: Unintentionally … it felt as if a kiss would happen.
Sung Yeol: I desire the blood of my loved ones.I’ll kill you
Sung Yeol: Myung Hee!
Sung Yeol: I sunk my fangs into my lover’s neck.
Gwi: [He] has finally taken the bait.
Yang Sun: The hope of the people. That’s the world I’m talking about.
Sung Yeol: What has that child kept from me?I will save you
Yang Sun (?): Why did you do that?
Sung Yeol: Because you’re pretty.
(c/o Kor-Chi via Yoonmi66 from Soompi)
Lee Joon-Gi as Kim Sung-Yeol
Lee Yoo-Bi as Jo Yang-Sun
Shim Chang-Min as Crown Prince Lee Yoon
Kim So-Eun as Hye-Ryeong
Lee Soo-Hyuk as Gwi