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This giant edible gummy python is 26 pounds and nearly 7 feet long! Each of the pythons colors corresponds directly to its flavor. For example, the dark blue areas of the Red Cherry & Blue Raspberry Python will taste like blue raspberry and the red areas will taste like cherry. Cool food idea for your party! Be sure that your guests will not be scared. It costs $149.99 for each.
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@samrusso716 The brave one among us
4 years ago·Reply
@ameliasantos10 @sjeanyoon LOL I just love gummies too much ):
4 years ago·Reply
oh my.. that's kind of scary. not in my house haha
4 years ago·Reply
yes! I need this 1) to eat 2) to scare my roommate
4 years ago·Reply
I was so ready to buy this - and then I saw the price!
3 years ago·Reply