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"Whatever comes next and after that we will be fearless and ready for it because we are in our roaring twenties" Twenty Korean movie Look below to watch it ;) Enjoy Credit to all it owners for everything
So this awesome highly wait acnticipated movie is Finally available online and I finally got to watch it its sooo much better then expected its soooo funny damn hilarrious I I love the trio and their super awersome frienship bromance and chemistry its just a great movie and if you all want to watch wthout gtng into dramafever trick i love dramafever so i apologies but I did hobble around to watch it for free hehes I am sorry but hit this link and enjoy it for freee live HD IT SUCH A GREAT MOVIE
1) The twenty movie trailer I still cannot believe we had to wait 3 months for this movie to be released world wide I never understand y movie takes 10 times more delay in their release then korean dramas please work on that for us international fans 2) The making of this movie i love the making more then love the movie and my favorite scene with kim woo bin wining for his pocket money allowance its just the best he is such a great actor and Kang Han neul I can't even say he is such a cutie Lee jin ho oppa did sooo great too enjoy all 3) The last clip is the end i love love the end it was the BEST :D hahhas cdn't stop laughing Enjoy watching this super awesome movie
4) The amazing OST I love sooo much just sharing it with you all
5) And the interview of these three sweetest dorks hehes in their roaring twenties my lovely oppas enjoy ;) let me know what you alll think for this movie
This movie was amazing. I watched it on dramafever when it first came out and I couldn't believe how funny it was. There were times where they said things that made me fall to the ground in shock. This movie was HILARIOUS please if the people reading this get the chance, WATCH THIS MOVIE IT IS UNBELIEVABLY FUNNY AND ADORABLE!!!!!!!! (with enough bromance to last you a lifetime xD)
@najalong1998 ok thanks. ill try it
haha ... I laugh soooo much... too funny.
I counted the days for this haha I am a huge Kim Woobin fan so I knew about it when they started and it was a long wait to see it but so great! super funny and all the characters where amazing! ^^ watch it, you won't regret it but it is very adult humor just a heads up!
@chandnip804 @StephanieDuong @WiviDemol thanks enjoy everyone I lobe this movie I hope u all love it too 😊😊
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