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Korea entertain program called 'One night' interview them:) They both will voice the character in the film 'Maritime police MARCO' In the interview, she reveals that Kwang soo is popular in the Thailand so everytime he got interview, he always says I LOVE THAILAND. On the other hand, Kwang soo says 'I am afraid of you.. when you seized me by the hair" Ji hyo" Don't you get funny with me" Also they express their love to their long lived program 'Running man'
Awwwww! I love their relationship so much! They are definitely close. (*´▽`*) Great card you posted @minyk2002
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lol the both of them are so cute!!
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YinofYang yes I love their relationship and Gary and ji hyo too.
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june >< !!! i think so, cute cute
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(。→∀←。)キャハ♡ I love the fact that I've been seeing this everywhere.
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