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This Sofarsounds Seoul is planned with a heart wanting to let go of all the bad memories from 2014 and praying for 2015 to be filled with great news. Our ancestors, during good and bad events have ate red bean soup, red bean rice and red bean rice-cakes. Just like how our ancestors enjoyed red bean soup on Dec 22nd to cast out the evil spirits, we will also be holding "Dongji party" at someone's private space with the related parties(musicians ,staff and the guests) and have them share red bean food, enjoy music and let go of bad memories they had this year. Dress code will be red and one must prepare their best Evil Spirit costume (mask).
Horan has involved in Korean music scene as a vocalist of pop electronic group ‘Clazziquai project.’ and acoustic group ‘Ibadi.’ During her career, she had collaborated with many artists, sang original sound tracks of movies and soap operas. In addition, she had worked as a radio host, columnist, and actress, and so on. Now, she is going to perform as a solo artist. The song “Insomnia” is the one included in her first solo EP album. She sang “Insomnia” at the 5th Sofar Sounds Seoul, wearing in traditional Korean costume Hanbok.