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Everyone has some experience linked to a particular space. For example, the bar where I met my best friend for the first time, the location for the first date with my boyfriend, and the city that I visited with my parents. Sofar Sounds and Airbnb, which commonly seeks to create new experiences in somebody else's space, cooperate to provide another unique experience.Sofar Sounds (Songs from a room) brings magic back to live music, by curating intimate gigs in somebody’s living room. The idea of the house concert is not new, but Sofar Sounds stands apart with its secrecy: Attendees do not know who is performing until they show up. On the other hand, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. Every Airbnb lover agrees that it is a platform that helps people feel like they are staying in one’s own home anywhere in the world. Sofar Sounds X Airbnb will be from 4pm to 8pm on Saturday, April 25th, at one of Airbnb listings in Yeonnam-dong. Its hosts say that they mingle with travellers from the around the world almost everyday so they feel like they are traveling the world while staying in Seoul. At this meaningful place, let’s spend a day in Seoul: enjoying live music, sharing food and drinks, sharing each other's travel experiences, and other typical things you do while traveling. Are you ready?
Ubare is a vocalist, keyboardist, and a composer. She began her career as a keyboardist of a jazz band “Heum” in 2009. In 2010, she launched solo project under the name of “Ubare’s picnic.” As a Ubare’s picnic, she writes songs, sings, and plays keyboard. In other word, she manages almost everything of a band. Her music is jazz somewhat acoustic or acoustic with jazz melody. Anyway, she is good at combining jazz and acoustic feelings. As a musician, she always wanted to get a chance to perform as much as possible in Europe. In this regard, she flew to Paris in May, began learning French, and looks for a chance to be involved in European music scene. She joined the 7th Sofar Sounds Seoul, which was collaborated with Airbnb. As the gig was at one of Airbnb listings, whose host enjoy mingling with tourists from all over the world almost every day, the 7th gig was themed as “A day trip in Seoul,” Sofar Seoul team contacted musician who can share her or his travel experiences and sing songs while she or he wrote inspired by travelling, so that everyone involved in the 7th gig can feel they are travelling. When Sofar Sounds Seoul themed the gig, Ubare was the first came into our mind. She is well-known musician, often goes on a trip to Paris, and good at singing jazz. As we expected, her performance definitely let us feel we are in somewhere in Europe, not Seoul. Itunes - Youtube -