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"Soban" literally means traditional Korean small tables. They were very common items used by everyone. They are ideal for use in small spaces and are made from many indigenous trees such as gingko, paulownia, pine or other types of wood grown in Korea. Names of Sobans differ according to the shapes of their legs. In fact, the beauty of Sobans depends on the legs, whose images usually come from the animals living in Korea. The use of Sobans in the modern contemporary life of Koreans are quite different from those in old days. Korean people's lifestyles have changed from a sitting-on-the floor lifestyle to a sitting-on-the-chairs lifestyle. Thus, the major functions of Sobans which used to be for serving food changed to decorative ones. Thus, today, Soban don't have the same function as they did in the past, which is for serving food.
In many of Korean houses, Sobans are kept in the corner of storage room with dust on it. How about bring them back to our living room and dringk teas and coffees from Soban?
Do you want to see them? Come and see in the Korea Pavilion in Milan EXPO 2015.