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Ooooohhhhhh maaaayne this show never fails to surprise me......**sighs** I don't wanna give any spoilers but damn.....
But besides that I'm looking forward to the battle round next week!
@PassTheSuga if I don't wait for @jiggzy19 I'll be in serious trouble... XD
I cannot wait to see this :D
@MattK95 yes you will :D But I'm actually ready to watch it when you are!!!
@MattK95 watch it and we'll discuss lol.
@shashae5296 if you knew who P-Type is as an artist it'd be more shocking for sure. Hes a legend. And it didn't feel like arrogance to me....more like he was trying to preserve the integrity of the art that he loves. @SashaLove I'm still in shock over his elimination....but as Verbal Jint said....it was only fair. I was kind of disappointed in Ravi....I know that boy can write stronger lyrics than what he showed. And speaking of fair....Vernon's performance.... was weak. And I dunno why San E didn't eliminate him. But he's got to get it together before the next round BC AndUp is coming for him. He can't waste this opportunity that San E gave him.
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