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I legit just sent this meme to someone who asked me to send them a "sexy pic". Ooh online dating is so romantic. #ForeverAlone
I know what you mean.... I gave up around 29.... and been single every since... a date here and there but I'm not sure if love don't love me or I don't love it... I'm in my 40's and just living life with love in my heart for all.... especially those special need men with those 1970 lines that are so tired....... but your find love when your not looking for it.....
@onesmile DO IIITTTTT!!!
@TerrecaRiley haha! Being single is fun -- I get to be selfish, but I sometimes want someone around!
lmao right on!!! Gonna save this to use in case I get any weird messages online lololol
@Tabbi I found my husband when I stopped looking. I gave up on love at 27 and met him a year after. I've tried to leave him so many times but he proved himself everytime and convinced me to stay. No regrets
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