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Cheating is always a tough topic to talk about or think about yet some do it and its honestly the easiest thing anyone can do . If someone can cheat or if someone gets cheated on yet go back to their significant other like it was nothing it really says alot about those individuals. from my experience i was honestly in love with someone and thought about them all the time.. during, before & after. i felt bad , guilty and ashamed of myself. the only reason it happend was because he was out of town. if he was here i would have been with him the whole time and nothing would have happend. people like me crave that attention from their boyfriend , or just people in general maybe even other things.. ha. i honestly think one can be loyal yet not faithful.. & i think its just in some peoples nature to cheat. cheating can me absolutely nothing or everything just at that moment.. think of it this way, you could have a dog thats yours and loves you to death yet go and give another person some love but it will still stay with you at the end of the day. thats why i think loyalty and faithfulness can be different.. loyalty and being faithful are key to keeping a realtionship going. selfish acts are what mess things up. i dont evem condone cheating. and i will never ever cheat again. but its a part of the human nature. some never think about it , some just cant help it or some realize whats really wrong the relationship or themselves.
Seriously reading this was so confusing, and contradictory. Personally cheating is a choice. Not the result of someone else's actions. If you cheat then rethink the relationship. Keep it, or leave it.
Never thought about it this way, but you're right I think. Personally, i've never cheated or been cheated on so its really hard for me to comprehend (sorry!!!) but it seems like you learned a lot from everything that happened...good luck