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Wang Lee Hom - The Things You Didn't Know About Me
Jay Chou - Hair Like Snow
Xue Zhiqian - Loved you deeply
Xue Zhiqian - I Know You Know
S.H.E - Ai Shang Ni
Xiao Yu - Transition Period
Li Dai Mo - Wo De Ge Sheng Li
Zhoumi - Rewind
Wu Yi Fan - Time Boils The Rain
Zhoumi - Without You
Tum Hi Ho
Credit Goes To The Owners
Thanks For The Tag and coming out with this idea
Hope you like it :)
here's a few more. jj lin- never learn Vanessa wu- this this all golf pichaya- funk me Mike de'angelo- take you to the moon X.I.S.- deception leehom Wang- follow me
@IRecreateLife FYI Zhoumi is a chinese artist and a member of super junior M he's recent album songs are both available cpop and kpop version You dont have to sound rude!!!
@IRecreateLife Hey there! The original challenge idea was to try to create a playlist with no K-pop :) since there are many other K-pop playlist challenges going on! It's not meant to say don't put K-pop :) Hope that makes's the original card
You can't say no kpop when you put it in a kpop community..... And besides sm's zhoumi is just kpop in chinese...
Tum Hi Ho <3<3<3<3
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