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VIXX: Hyuk's Birthday Tweets!
It was just Hyuk's birthday (July 5th)! Here's all the translations of tweets that came out for this special day. You can also check out N's birthday translations. Enjoy ^^
Rovix (@RealVIXX):
나는 로빅이다. #빅스 막내 #혁 요원의 생일을 맞이하여 개구쟁이 어린 시절 해맑은 사진을 공개한다. 150705 혁요원의 스물한번째 생일을 진심으로 축하한다. #HAPPYHYUKDAY
I am ROVIX. I am revealing a bright picture of Agent Hyuk’s mischievous childhood to celebrate his birthday. ROVIX sincerely wishes Agent Hyuk a happy birthday on 150705 #HAPPYHYUKDAY
Rovix (@RealVIXX):
나는 로빅이다. #빅스 요원들의 150705 #혁 요원 스물한번째 생일 축하 현장이다. 형들의 사랑을 듬뿍 받는 막내 #혁 요원이 부러운 로빅이다.#HAPPYHYUKDAY 혁요원의 생일을 로빅도 축하한다!
I am ROVIX. This is the scene of the VIXX Agents celebrating Agent Hyuk’s 21st birthday on 150705. ROVIX is jealous of all the love the maknae receives from his hyungs. #HAPPYHYUKDAY ROVIX also wishes Agent Hyuk a happy birthday!
벌써 스물한살이라니 우리 막내 생일축하해!! ^^
Can’t believe our maknae is already 21 years old. Happy Birthday!! ^^
다른 요원들의 사진에서만 만날 수 있는 혁요원은 오늘 직접 생존신고를 해주기 바란다. 별빛요원들과 로빅이 기다리고 있다. #HAPPYHYUKDAY
Hope Agent Hyuk can give personally give a report that you’re alive because we can only see you in other Agents’ pictures. Starlight Agents and ROVIX are waiting.
Hyuk (@HSangHyuk):
저는 많은분들의 생일축하에 힘입어 열심히 촬영중입니다~앞으로도 변함없이 발전하는 자랑스러운 혁이가 되겠습니다!!!
I’m working hard at filming thanks to so many people wishing me a happy birthday~ In the future I will become an unchanging and grown Hyuk you could be proud of!!!
Hyuk (@HSangHyuk):
마지막으로 우리별빛들 즐거운주말되세횩
Lastly our Starlights, have a good weekend - hyog
(T/N: Made a pun with Hyog instead of formal “yo” at the end of the sentence)
All translation credits: fyeah-vixx
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MY SONNNNN! Thanks for these translations!!!
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