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Have you every tried color mascara? This 80's beauty trend is actually chic and fashionable. With the right application, color mascara is a great way to brighten up your look, compliment your eye color, and really make your eyes pop. There are several ways to apply color on your lashes without looking tacky and overdone.


1. Brush your eyelashes using a spool.
2. Curl your lashes using a lash curler.
3. Apply a coat of clear mascara. (optional, but recommend for sparse lashes.)

Three Ways to Make Color Mascara Subtle:

1. Color Just the tips
After applying a coat of black mascara, swipe a crazy color just to the tips of the top and bottom eyelashes. This method is not noticeable unless it's up close.
2. Half-and-Half
Apply regular black mascara on the top lashes and color mascara on just your bottom lashes. This method is a little more obvious, but it's still subtle. Just enough oomph to enhance your eyes.
3. Blend It
Apply a coat of black mascara on your lashes (top and bottom) and sweep a second coat of color mascara over it. This method will make the black color appear multifaceted. Experiment with a vibrant color for a more interesting effect!
Refer to the collage for more inspirations!
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I like how you give tips to try out the trend in a subtle way!! I don't wear a lot of make up normally, and so sometimes I'm a little scared to try out new looks haha. But I think tip #3 could make this one really accessible ;D maybe i'll try!!