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I've been busy but I HAD to come and scream about this with someone!!! You might have heard that Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" would be made into a series by Netflix (which was honestly a relief because the movie just wasn't that great, and I didn't want a sequel) and FINALLY we have a teaser!!
Watch it! Scream about it! It's so good!!
It looks so amazing, it really feels like reading the books felt, I just can't wait (plus, it's my impression or the full screen of the table has shot-outs to all the thirteen books?!)

Olaf is coming.

No, no. Count Olaf!!

@LizArnone that's what someone told me!! UGHH I know!!! Come on Netflix!!!
This was fan made?! Netflix needs to hire them for the show clearly!!
WAIT this was fanmade after all whhhaattt NETFLIX COME ON!!!
@terrapin YESSS ITS GONNA BE SO GOOD!! @ZoeMe All I know is 2016 haha...but I hope we get a pilot before then!! That'd be awesome.
I NEED to know when!!!!
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