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I fiiiiiinally finished my Shiro just now!! Overall, I'm super happy with it and can't wait to shoot it with Yenra Photography with @starberry as my Steph, and Val and Patrick from DTP as my Jibril and Sora!!!!!
(!!!)Purple is a suiting fabric, white and yellow are scraps from Sailor Snow~ I used the McCall's 7141 pattern for the top and fuku and the skirt is a regular circle skirt.
Now onto finishing Idolmaster before starting Kirin~
(old update I forgot to post!!)
my room is pretty messy BUT LOOK! I only have to add a hook and eye and then my Shiro skirt will be complete!
These are also the thigh highs I'll be wearing, they just came in yesterday from Sock Dreams. They're suuuuuper comfortable and haven't rolled down at all, they're definitely worth the price! I was a little torn between wearing black or navy, but I'm happy I decided to go with black!
Wahhh looks great @Angelipon
That's awesome! Good for you, looks amazing ^_^