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Does it matter if you apply concealer before or after foundation?
Yes, it does!
There's a step-by-step for most things in life. For cooking, we were taught to preheat the pan before adding oil for frying. For skincare, we were taught to lather, rinse, tone, then moisturize. When it comes to makeup, the order can be a little more complicated.

Makeup Application Order:

1. Prime or Moisturize?
If you choose to apply primer then don't use a moisturizer. Primer is suppose to soften your face for a smoother application. If you apply both primer and moisturizer the texture will be interfered.
2. When to sneak in sunscreen?
SPF can be found in primer, moisturizer or foundation. So, if you have a primer or moisturizer that goes first. Foundation is always applied afterward prepping your skin.
3. Foundation
Many people start with a concealer to cover blemishes, dark circles and other pigmented areas. However, I like starting off with the foundation and then correct any areas as a finishing touch.
4. Concealer
This is when you examine the areas that need to be corrected. The reason I recommend applying concealer after foundation is because foundation will do a lot of covering already. So, you only need to focus on the blemishes or dark circles for a more natural look.
5. Powder
Apply a light layer of translucent powder to set your makeup in place.

Finishing Up:

Eyes - The basic step for eye makeup is: shadow - liner - mascara. You can always go back and layer.
Lips - The reason why your lips appear dry after applying lipstick is because you didn't prep your lips. Here is the basic order: balm - liner - lipstick - gloss.
Cheeks - Applying blush last will help you choose a color that compliments the eyes and lips.
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I always use concealer before foundation because I want that extra layer of coverage.