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Co-washing is the idea of washing your hair with conditioner and skipping the shampoo.

What is the benefit of co-washing?
Washing your hair with conditioner can gently remove build without overdrying the hair. The pH level of the hair is balanced and the hair is softened for easy management. If you have natural curls, the curls will become more defined. The conditioner can also increase the hair's strength and shine.
Is this for everyone?
Co-washing is generally used for naturally curly hair, but it could incorporated for any hair type. Before settling on co-washing there are a few things to keep in mind: If you have heavy buildup it might not clarify the scalp. In return, it might cause more buildup because conditioners contain cationic surfactants. Which is why choosing the right conditioner is important. This process might not be suitable for weak and over-processed hair because it will cause thinning.
How often should you co-wash?
It depends on your need and hair condition. The only thing to be careful about is if you notice any build up make sure to clarify your scalp with a shampoo or apple cider vinegar rinse. This will prevent a troubled scalp to develop.
The image above compares three methods:
1) Regular shampoo daily
2) Co-wash every 2 days and shampoo biweekly.
3) Co-wash every 3-4 days and no shampoo.
@HairConfetti I tried this thing yesterday. Even used leave in conditioner after washing. oh the softness!! my hair kind of tough now cause I left it out all day and night. I'm gonna wet it and comb it out later and let you know what's up
I do this all the time. But I can only wash it with shampoo every other day. If I don't my hair gets too greasy and flat looking.
Will do
I'm afraid to try this since my hair easily gets greasy and oily... I have to take a shower every morning or else I feel and look gross all day
My natural hair is super curly, and because of its texture, co-wash every day. It's also a routine I have before styling my hair. But all hair is different -- so frequency will also be different. If I don't co-wash my hair everyday, my hair is an impressive, tangled mess.
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