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I saw this posted by someone who tried to make it while hiking and I am so SOLD. This would be great for camping, hiking, even just having a fun bonfire at home.

What you'll need:

1 onion! I like white ones, but choose whatever you want 1 beef or chicken bullion cube (beef tastes more authentic) Butterrrrr!!!

How to make it:

(see pics below for a better idea)
1. Peel the onion & cut it in half.

2. Make some cuts so that it will open up while cooking.
3. Take out the very center of the onion and put the bullion cube in there.
4. Slather with butter. Think Paula Dean style. 5. Wrap in foil. 6. Cook in fire. 7. Take it out, eat it,and yum!

This isn't going to give you too many calories (40-60) so it's best as a part of a meal, but if you added some other stuff like cheese and maybe even jerky you could up the calorie intake! It also tastes 100x more delicious with cheese, so I highly recommend that if you're using it during a hiking trip. If you cut out the whole center and fill it with some sort of meat (better when camping or car camping bc of the meat), you can make what's affectionately called an "Onion Bomb!"
today I went to my culinary school ready and excited to make the French onion soup... and because I was the youngest one there, they(my team) decided to make me run errands instead of helping... so I didn't learn how to make it.馃槶馃槶馃槶 seeing that it's this simple kinda puts my hopes back up... because OMG I looove it...
@TerrecaRiley @happyrock Plus the foil makes for super easy cleanup, which is always my favorite ;D @MichiGo4L Awww no!!! You poor thing! That's so mean of them >:( want me to beat them up for you? lol
u won my heart! and now we have to be best friends
@happyrock lol...I just can't remember to buy the onion,nor do I have the foil but I gotta do this somehow
@happyrock I agree, this looks AMAZING. Omg. Drooling. I wonder if I could make this in an oven too?
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