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I had idea to create Maknae Monday so that I can tell you all about my favorite groups' maknaes and learn about yours. This week, I'll tell you about SHINee's adorable maknae, Taemin. ^_^
Name: Lee Tae Min (이태민)

Group: SHINee

Birthdate: July 18, 1993
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Role: Vocalist, Dancer

Languages: Korean, Mandarin

Horoscope Sign: Cancer

Specialty: Best dancer in SHINee

Hobby: Listening to music, playing the piano

Latest Project: Released comeback album "Odd" alongside SHINee in May 2015. Here are some fun "facts" about this adorable maknae...
This is him on stage most of the time...SHINee fanservice king!
And then there's him off-stage. Look at how innocent he looks with that smile!
Jonghyun is Taemin's biggest fan. He always compliments Taemin on how beautiful he is.
He probably has the best aegyo in the group. How can you ignore that smile??
He is often compared to Kai on how similar they look. They are also close friends in real life!
So, Taemin is basically a cutie who can turn it up on stage and is adored by many.
Hope you enjoyed learning about Taemin!

Feel free to share cards about your favorite maknaes (you can post them anytime! I'll just be sharing mine on Mondays ^_^)

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@VixenViVi @YolandaEngland @veselovskayavic Right guys? He's so cute! and @KDramaKpop1015 Of course :D
@trashlord have you feasted your eyes on this yet?!
@kpopandkimchi I actually saw this earlier today haha!
he has come a long way from that lil skinny kid he used to be and his solo album is daebak Taemin fighting!! Shinee hwaiting! !!!
OMG!!! Taemin!! <3 <3 <3 Such a cutiiiieeeee!!!