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It's HairConfetti again!
I'm glad to be back as the moderator for this quarter! Last quarter was my first time moderating, so I learned a lot through all of you. Thank you for for being a fun bunch!
So, let's get to know each other more this quarter through our hair experiences! :)

Let's do some hair talk!

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If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message! Also, throw in any suggestions to help improve this community!
Let's have a good hair day, every day! :)
♥ HairConfetti
Hi HairConfetti! I am really just learning how to fix my hair pretty and I desperately need help. Could you recommend a product that would help me tame my frizzy hair? I have naturally wavy hair. It's not really curly, but not completely straight either. And it's pretty thick. Please help me. I really hate it when I put my hair up and I have these little baby hair frizzy fly aways sticking out everywhere. But I also don't want to make my hair look and feel really oily either. Even when I wear it down, it doesn't look smooth and finished. Even when I spend a lot of time putting product in, and curling or flat ironing, it never seems to turn out right. I know it has to be because I'm not using the proper procedure and/or the proper products. Can you help me? Thank you.
Hi @BethTodd! Frizz is caused by humidity and dry hair. Putting product on in the wrong order can also cause frizz. In addition, how you wash and dry your hair matters! Here's a few card I wrote on this topic --> , . Also, have you tried Bumble & Bumble's Curl Conscious Calming Creme? It's specifically made for thick hair. My best suggestion is don't spend money on products before trying them. When you shop in Sephora, you can always ask for samples!
More hairstyles for short hair plz! ^^
@Nymrha I just posted a card response. You can see it here:
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