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This is How Flower on Hair is Done
If you think hairstyles are so repetitive then take a look below. You'll be mindblown! There's more to hairstyling than braids and hair adornments. Talking about hair adornment, you can't get more natural than using your own hair to create a flower.

Casual Rose Bun.

Fringe Rose Bridal Updo

Braided flower updo

Rose Bridal Updo

S-Braid Flower Updo

Dutch Braid Flower Updo

Messy Side Flower

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These pictures blew my mind!!! @HairConfetti If possible could you post a card with a video of how to make a rose hairstyle? I would love to see that.
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I need step by step ways to do this!
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@KDramaKPop1015 @RobynHope I'll let you know when I post it up.
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