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The Milky Road

Photographer Larry Landolfi This is a composite image he created (fantasy image). I can't remember who posted a quote with this image @neaa @soula81 @pnhq ??? But, here's the original image. It's so lovely.
That's so true. The imagination is a powerful thing. (^_^) It's true, it's such a powerful visual. @soula81 Of course it was you. :D Hahaha, I'm glad you like it. Hm, kekeke, is like...heh heh heh...?
guys just curious.. so many people use "kekekeke" ..it means?
it was me me me :D i love love this photo!! how did you find it omg!! if i could just see this in real life i would have no regret even if the world ends lol
wow..it's like the sky opening up....
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