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Ladies, this Thursday cancel all your plans and call out of work because lipstick awaits you.

If you're familiar with the Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli, word on the streets is that he is collaborating with MAC Cosmetics to create an amazing lipstick collection perfect for the summertime. If you're not familiar, I suggest you get familiar.
As much as we love MAC lipstick, it can get annoying opening every single black tube just to figure out what color we want to wear for the day. Thanks to this glorious collection, each tube of lipstick is packaged by color according to the shade of lipstick. Talk about convenient and chic.
This colorful collection of six lipsticks was inspired by Valli's favorite flowers and previous collection pieces. "I love the idea of dressing up your lips in couture colors", says Valli. If you're looking to dress your lips up this summer, run to your nearest MAC counter this Thursday and don't hesitate. Whether you purchase one lipstick or the entire collection -- it will be worth every penny.
Each lipstick is created with our favorite matte consistency and if you appreciate a little shine to your lips, you have the option of purchasing the clear gloss that comes along with the collection. What's not to love? There's a little something for every lipstick lover out there.
Lipsticks are priced at $19.00 and the pearlized clear gloss is priced at $23.00. Go ahead, treat yourself and don't forget to run to your local MAC counter or head to on July 9!
Ahhh there's a MAC store so close to where I work!! :D I love the chic packaging too!! That dark shade? Damn. I'd love to try the apricot one, but I've never been able to pull off trendy colors like that...
Yes! I'm glad you're going to indulge and give in to this goodness @TerrecaRiley lipstick is always worth the splurge
@jordanhamilton Thanks...I'm right there with you. I'll be marking the days for you on my wall
I love them all! Mac knows how to make a tube of lipstick the most aesthetically pleasing
@jordanhamilton Wait! Have you purchased it?? I'd get them all just to try them but I'd wear the dark one on the road... lol
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