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Meeting the parents is always nerve-wracking. You want to make sure that the family likes you just as much as your boo does. I mean who knows, these people could be your in-laws! First impressions aren't the end all be all of a relationship, but making a good first impression is very pivotal to moving forward together as a couple.
What you do usually applies to the situation, but there are some things that you should never do while meeting the parents.
1. Don't say you aren't thirsty or hungry
The first thing anyone ever asks when you walk into their house is if you are hungry or thirsty. It really will not be an issue or bother if you agree to water, especially if you are thirsty! This way you won't be spending the entire visit thinking about how dry your mouth is. In fact accepting their offers will make the situation much less tense since it will show that you already feel a bit more at ease in their home.
And if you are over for dinner, make sure you eat! Your partners parents probably put in a lot of effort to make sure you have a nice time and that includes the food. No need to over eat but make sure you try a bit of everything!
2. Don't over dress
Meeting the parents is usually more of a casual affair. This means lunch or dinner at the house or at a local favorite restaurant. There is no need to dress to the nines, because if you show up in a dress and heels the casual, comfortable feel will skyrocket to formal and stiff.
Not the type of mood you want while meeting the rents.
If you're still nervous, check out Gavriella's card that will tell you exactly what you should wear!
3. Don't stay quiet the whole time!
The parents asked to meet you so they can get to know you, not just to stare at you. So make sure you talk! Answer their questions with more then one word and ask some of your own. Some safe (and always successful) topics will involve your partner as a kid. You'll get the parents talking and laughing and you'll get to hear all the dirt about your boo. Its a Win Win.
Tip: Put the phone away! It is so annoying trying to talk to your friends when they are texting, so can you imagine how the parents will feel when they only seem to have half of your attention? Rude much.
4. Do not make dirty jokes
This is the most important thing you can ever remember. Even if your significant others parents can make penis jokes with the best of them, do not add your own. At least not on the first meeting. Laugh all you want, especially if they are funny, but no parent (especially parents of girls) want to hear anything sexual that might be about their child. Yes, this clearly means anything referencing your sex life is off the table.
Keep it funny, but PG-13 funny. You want the parents to like you, not think of their kid having sex everything you come around.
@allischaaff i hope that it isn't tooooo bad for you when it does lol like i said no sex talk and you should be able to fix any mess ups along the way
Hahaha that comic at the end. Oh god, the embarrassment!! Luckily that hasn't happened to me...yet...
Gah meeting parents is so awkward. Great post haha
Oh to be the fly on the wall at "meet the Arnone's"
@TessStevens hahah i know right!!! but whats even more scary, parents meeting parents lol thats about to happen with me and my bf and were like ahhhhhhhh haha