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Praise Netflix!

The Jim Carrey film adaptation of these beloved books was more than unfortunate- it was a total disaster. After that trainwreck, who would dare to try to revisit the concept? But Netflix has picked up the story to be part of their original series, proving that they know what's up. Working closely with author Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), it seems like they've totally captured the magnificently macabre aesthetic of the stories. Is anyone else super excited to see this?

The creepy Dresden Dolls soundtrack definitely helps.

I feel like it's been way too long since I read these books. I'm going to have to revisit them before the series comes out! I caught the references to Lake Lachrymose and the Lucky Smells Lumber Mill, but I bet there's probably a bunch of details I missed!
I'm totally pumped too @LauraFisher they clearly know what they're doing. And @allischaaff I'm so glad you csught those details! Yeah that must refer to the wedding at the end of book 1. How delightfully awful!
Ahhh!!! I LOVED these books, so I can't wait to see what they do with the series. Thanks for sharing this teaser - how awesome!! At 0:28, I spied a book on nuptial law and a marriage license (refs to the bad beginning, i think?) and an old photograph of three children – with the faces burnt out. :O So deliciously sinister!!
I'm so excited for this! Netflix is on a roll right now with great content and it looks like this will not disappoint.
Turns out this was fan-made *sigh*
@Rockron97 yeah! The trailer is fake but the series is really in production. It's supposed to be out late next year. I loved these books too :D
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