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Praise Netflix!

The Jim Carrey film adaptation of these beloved books was more than unfortunate- it was a total disaster. After that trainwreck, who would dare to try to revisit the concept? But Netflix has picked up the story to be part of their original series, proving that they know what's up. Working closely with author Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), it seems like they've totally captured the magnificently macabre aesthetic of the stories. Is anyone else super excited to see this?

The creepy Dresden Dolls soundtrack definitely helps.

I feel like it's been way too long since I read these books. I'm going to have to revisit them before the series comes out! I caught the references to Lake Lachrymose and the Lucky Smells Lumber Mill, but I bet there's probably a bunch of details I missed!
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Argh. You're right :(
Yeah @allischaaff :( shucks. Maybe Netflix will take this as a sign that they need to step up their game?
This is exciting! I remember watching the film with Jim Carrey and having my jaw wide open the entire time. I felt like I was legit one of the children lol, but it was amazing. I have one of the books I just never got through it. I should take up your challenge and try to revisit the books myself.
馃槺The BAUDELAIRES are BACK?! 馃摃馃摋馃摌馃摍 Netflix has officially won my heart. 馃槫MUST. WATCH. 馃憣I can tell you that this was the best book franchise I've ever read in my childhood. 馃挐馃挊馃挏
@Rockron97 yeah! The trailer is fake but the series is really in production. It's supposed to be out late next year. I loved these books too :D