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I can already hear the harmonies quickening as Jaws approaches. And then BITE! We all know how the story ends as the poor person gets ripped to shreds yet we all tune in every year to Discovery Channel to watch Shark Week. It's adrenalin pumping, spine tingling, and irresistibly compelling to watch. Americans are obsessed with sharks because we have been instilled with so much fear surrounding the animal but Shark Week takes that fear and actually gives you facts and education about these incredible creatures.
So now that I've gotten that spiel out of the way, who wants to see some sharks with celebrity smiles!? (I promise these sharks look much less intimidating.) Can you guess them all?

Hint: She used to be the original Spiderman's Mary Jane.

Answer: Kirsten Dunst

Hint: France's biggest pop song success, "Joe le taxi".

Answer: Vanessa Paradis

Hint: Strike a pose, VOGUE.

Answer: Madonna

Hint: His smile is a 'Lethal Weapon'.

Answer: Gary Busey

Hint: Make sure to always 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

Answer: Cheryl Hines

Hint: Sharks and her TV character have one thing in common, they are attracted to blood.

Answer: Anna Paquin

Hint: I'm from Colombia!

Answer: Sophía Vergara

Hint: She's got the moves like Mick Jagger.

Answer: Georgia May Jagger

Hint: Always coming in like wrecking ball, she can't stop because she won't stop.

Answer: Miley Cyrus

Hint: I dreamed a dream and time gone by...

Answer: Anne Hathaway

Hint: I'm sure you know him very well from X-Men.

Answer: Michael Fassbender

Hint: She's such a 'Pretty Woman'.

Answer: Julia Roberts

Hint: No mission is ever impossible.

Answer: Tom Cruise

Hint: The food she cooks up is to die for.

Answer: Giada De Laurentiis
So how'd you do? Tally up your score and comment below to what you got!
Miley Cyrus shark for the winnnnn.
@jokes! I found out where the celebrities’ teeth went!